Slurry jumping of three-dimensional rotary vibrating screen in grid structure

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The three-dimensional rotating vibrating screen is referred to as the rotating vibrating screen for short. It is a universal screening equipment. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, metallurgy and other industries. Recently, we received inquiries from users saying that they are producing mud materials. How to solve the problem of slurry jumping during the production of grid structure rotary vibrating screen? For this problem, we consulted our engineers to provide a solution.

1. The large output of the device is small: the diameter of the screen surface determines the output. The model recommended by the vibrating screen manufacturer sometimes does not meet the actual production requirements of the user, resulting in excessive equipment size. This will cause the mud to jump after entering the screen surface. The solution to this problem can provide detailed production requirements when selecting the appropriate model.

2. Vibration force is too strong: In addition to the diameter of the screen surface, the factor to increase the output is to adjust the excitation force of the motor. Different types of rotary screens use different motor power. At present, the vibration motor can adjust the excitation force within a certain range. Some users will adjust it to increase output. However, if the slurry material whose excitation force is adjusted too much enters the screen surface, it will jump up and cause the slurry to jump off. Therefore, the connection range of different power motors has a certain range. If the connection range is too large, it will not only affect the production, but also affect the service life of the equipment.

3. Grid structure: As far as the three-dimensional rotating vibrating screen is concerned, there are three commonly used grid structures: old loose grid, secondary mother grid and glued grid. For the production of slurry materials, due to the strong vibrating force on the screen surface, when the slurry enters the screen, the old loose grille or auxiliary mother screen will jump. Taking off can cause jumping problems. In order to solve the problems of space truss structure, it is recommended to adopt bonded space truss structure. The structure of the screen can smooth the trajectory of the screen surface, and the mud material entering the screen surface will not cause the mud to jump, thus solving the problem of mud jumping.

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